Buy Here Pay Here Do’s And Don’ts

When shopping at a Buy Here Pay Here dealership here are some great do’s and don’ts to get you the best deal possible!

  • Do get the vehicle you need, not the vehicle you want. For example a car costing $6,000 with all the basics is probably going to be better for you than a $10,000 cars with all the trimmings. That way you can save money for possible future repairs.
  • Do make the largest down payment you can. Avoid smaller down payments when you have higher APR for a long term deal. And you need to commit to paying off the loan as fast as you can.
  • Do research the dealer. Check out the reviews of the dealer online as well as their business practices so you know they have a good reputation and you can feel confident about them being people you want to work with.
  • Don’t buy without an inspection. Get the vehicle inspected by an independent party.
  • Do not overlook the history of the vehicle. A Car Fax report can be very helpful at noting he cars history as well as defects and accidents it may have been in.
  • Do not be afraid to walk away if you have a negative impression of the situation. If you are not fully comfortable you can always move on.

Find A Buy Here Pay Here Dealership In Phoenix, Arizona

If a bank or credit union lender doesn’t want to loan you money for a vehicle because of your credit, BHPH dealers are pleased to put you behind the wheel today. If you live around the Phoenix, Arizona area and are wondering if a buy here, pay here car dealer is the right choice for you, stop by In-Power Motors. We are a buy here pay here dealership in Phoenix, Arizona ready to get you in a car today! Our BHPH dealership also works with buyers with bad credit.

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