How To Buy A Car For $500 Down

If you’re interested in buying a car for $500 down you’re not alone.  Thousands of people are searching for buy here pay here used car dealerships that offer a $500 down used vehicle program.  How these programs work vary from dealer to dealer, but most people are asking, “How can I get a car for $500 down?”.

How To Buy A Car For $500 Down

Getting a used car for $500 down is quick and easy with In Power Motors.  The quickest and easiest way to buy a car with $500 down is to fill out an application, select the vehicle you’re interested in, and then sign & drive.  You can even fill out a loan application online with In Power Motors.

Select A Vehicle

Browse through our used vehicle inventory and choose the car, truck, or SUV that fits your needs best.  If you’re interested in applying for your $500 down used vehicle loan online make sure you have the stock number handy.  Our stock numbers look something like “IP1943-3”.  Consider things like what your monthly payment might be, the number of seatbelts, and things like space for cargo.  Once you’ve chosen the best fit move on to filling out your application.

Fill Out A Loan Application

Click here to start your online loan application.  Fill out the Client Information, Residential Information, Employment Information, and list the vehicle you’re interested in.  Don’t forget to list that you’re applying a $500 as a down payment in the last field before sending your application. Once we’ve received your information and the vehicle you’re interested in we will get in touch with you to discuss the details of your used car purchase.  We work with no credit and bad credit applicants!

Sign & Drive!

Once all of the details are worked out and the vehicle is ready you can come and sign the contracts and drive away in your new car!  It’s just that easy when shopping for used cars with In Power Motors.  We strive to have the highest quality used vehicles and treat our customers like family.  Our many 5 star google reviews speak volumes about how we treat our valued customers!

$500 Down Used Vehicle Purchase Factors

There are a number of factors you need to consider when it comes to buying a vehicle with $500 down at a used car dealership.  The cost of the vehicle, your credit, and your monthly income all play a role in buying a car, truck, or SUV with $500 down.  In Power Motors works with people with no credit and bad credit!  So don’t get discouraged if you’ve had some rough spots with your credit or you’re just starting out.

Total Cost Of Vehicle

One factor is the total price of the vehicle you’re interested in.  Vehicles that are as much as new vehicles typically aren’t good options for $500 down used car programs.  For example, if you’re interested in a used luxury car that costs $55,000 dollars you’re going to need excellent credit and high monthly income.  For this reason, most of the vehicles that are part of $500 down programs are those which have a more reasonable total cost.

Your Credit Rating

For some used car dealerships this is a major hurdle, but not with In Power Motors!  Our team is dedicated to helping Phoenix residents get the vehicles they need with no credit or bad credit.  We understand that life throws curveballs and everyone deserves another chance.  If you’ve been turned down elsewhere In Power Motors will help you find a car that will serve you, your family, or your business.

Your Monthly Income

What price range of car you’re going to be able to get as part of a $500 down car purchase will partially depend on what you earn a month.  Clearly the more you make a month the higher monthly payment you’ll be able to afford.  So, the more your make the wider selection will be available to you at the dealership.

Schedule A Test Drive & Consultation

Savvy car buyers always want to test drive the vehicles they’re interested in to test the steering, feel the transmission shift, and listen to the motor.  If you’d like to come and test drive the vehicle or vehicles you’re interested in we welcome your visit!  Call to let us know you’re coming or just stop by and we will help you get a feel for the vehicle you’re interested in.  You can reach us to schedule your test drive or ask questions at 602-680-7877.

Find Used Cars in Phoenix, AZ

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